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Species of the Uplift Universe

The Species Glossary A-M

  1. Acceptor (ab-Tandu-ab-Nght6) reference: cl-82f50 - a race of psychic adepts able to probe, affirm and sense reality. Used by the Tandu as sensors and psi-detectors. They have a deep curiosity and love to observe everything. The Tanu have forced them over 40,000 year of servitude, to use mind shields, to recognize danger, and to understand the concept of punishment. Described as having spindly legs.
  2. Bi-Gle - Reptiloid species possibly snake-like because they are described as being able to coil. Present as Uplift Institute Officials during the Uplift Ceremony for Chimpanzee.
  3. Brother of the Night, from GURPS

  4. Brothers of the Night (or Ebony Shadows) (ab-Nighthunter) - Referred to each other as "Brother of the Dim Gloom" or "Brother of Twelve Shadows" and are commanded by the Eldest Brother. An adaptable and mutable race possessing gill-slits and four tool-hands, muscular streamlined arms, sharklike faces, and fickle religious impulses. Travel in Spearships. See picture at right.
  5. Brma (ab-Krallnith-ul-Caltmour) - Described as chattering, with stalk-like legs, and hulking.
  6. Bururalli (ab-Nahalli) - Came from quarrelsome and carnivores pre-sentient ancestors. They were granted leasehold of Garth shortly after being released from indenture, 50,000 years ago. Though something went wrong and the Bururalli began killing everything in site. Only very small creatures escaped this holocaust. It ended when the Institute of Uplift and Migration decided to check in 100 years later. By then the Bururalli had abandoned all technology and were hunting with tooth and claw. A multi-species armada was assembled and the Bururalli where wiped out.
  7. Buyur (ul-Tunnuctyur) - Former legal tenants of Jijo. Squat beings resembling bullfrogs with elephantine legs and sharp forward looking eyes. Master shapers of useful organisms with a prodigious wit. Spoke GalThree.
  8. Caltmour (ab-Brma-ab-Krallnith-ul-Tymbrimi) - Became extinct during a bloody interstellar war over 4,000 years ago. This was a great time of sorrow for the Tymbrimi.
  9. Chimpanzee (ab-Human) - Pan argonostes. Uplifted 100 years prior to Dolphins. Genetic changes over 200 years, at the time of Sundiver, had given Chimpanzees a different shaped skull, a greater pelvic arcs to birth big brained offspring, and fully opposable thumbs. This generation of "superchimp" had trouble vocalizing and used a keyboard/screen to communicate. Speech was very painful and came out like a croak. Two hundred years later during Startide Rising, Chimps no longer had trouble speaking and were much more advanced. (See Charles Dart) In The Uplift War chims could easily speak, with speech aphasia being their greatest fear. When stressed neo-chims reverted to hand gestures since the area of the brain originally controlling hand gestures was modified for speech. Chims favorite musical instruments were percussion. Only one Uplift Ceremony was held for them on Tymbrim. After the second Uplift Ceremony held on Garth by Gubru hosts, chimpanzees were declared to be at Stage Three of Sentience.
  10. Dogs (ab-Human) - DB has mentioned neo-dogs in several books but we have not seen one yet. Their Uplift was probably halted in order to reach an agreement with Galactics. Many Chims keep dogs as pets.

  12. Click to Enlarge Dolphin (ab-Human) - Tursiops amicus. Dolphins have been telling humans dirty jokes for thousands of years, but not until uplift were humans able to understand them. The generation of Dolphin in Sundiver was working to improve attention span in English and weaning from the Whale Dream. In Startide Rising, genetic engineering over 40 generations have given Dolphins an expanded repertoire of facial expressions (though fins still expressed most emotions in sounds or motions); a modified blowhole and vocal apparatus giving the ability to make whistles, squawks, vowel and consonant sounds; modified lungs to become more resistant to land-based disease and breathing oxywater; two nubby fingers at the pectoral fins that will eventually develop into a full hands. Most Dolphins are equipped with a neuro socket just above the left eye that allows them to interface with mechanical equipment by sending commands directly from the brain. Dolphins can not completely sleep because one brain hemisphere must remain in control of breathing. Humans have been able to hold only one Uplift Ceremony for Dolphin. They were chosen at the Tytlal to be their Fourth Stage Consorts.
  13. Droolt (ul-G'Kek)
  14. Episiarch (ab-Tandu-ab-Nght6) reference: [cl-82f49] - a psychic adept able deny reality and create a rent in space time allowing for a quick and dangerous form of travel. Controlled by pleasure and pain, and kept in a chamber of delusions where it can continue to deny an endless chain of alternate realities. Shaggy amorphous shape with a big furry head.
  15. F'ruthian - Chitinous species.
  16. Foruni
  17. Froski (ab-Soro-ab-Hul-ab-Puber) - avian species. All independence, adaptability and ambition have been bred out of them because they are too useful as domestics and entertainers to the Soro.
  18. G'Kek (ab-Droolt) - first of the exile races of Jijo, having arrived 2000 years before the events of Brightness Reef. Wheeled creatures with with four eye stalks (instead of heads) protuding from a central cavity. (Described by DB as "a squid in a wheelchair") Their spokes were susceptible to arthritis in old age. Known for their talents in weaving and agility. Though their ancestors were much more agile living in zero-g satelites. They are the last of their kind in the Five Galaxies, the rest were slaughtered by the Inheritor's Alliance, for a gambling debt.
    See The Six of Jijo - by Kevin Lenagh.
  19. Garthling/Gorilla (ab-Thennanin-ab-Wortl-ab-Kosh-ab-Rosh-ab-Tothtoon) - Illegally Uplifted by a group of human & chim scientists at the Howlett Center on Garth. This generation of Gorilla had the ability of sign language. Children moved easily on two legs, had smooth rounded foreheads, without a sloping brow or bony ridges. Elder Gorillas still used one hand to knuckle walk. During The Uplift War Chim scientists hid the Gorillas from the Gubru invasion in the Mulun Mountains. For some unknown reason the Gorillas broke away and went to Port Helenia and the Hyperspace Shunt. When the group of gorillas arrived there, after much commotion, they immediately gravitated toward Kault, the Thennanin Ambassador. After passing all of the exams of the Uplift Ceremony Gorillas were declared a Stage One client. They chose the Thennanin as Patrons, with Humans and Chimpanzees, jointly as Stage Consorts. Because of their independent actions they were nicknamed "The Client Race That Chose". Gorillas were granted a 50,000 year leashold on the Mulun Mountains.
  20. Gello (ab-Pila-ab-Kisa-ab-Soro-ab-Hul-ab-Puber) - First client race of the Soro.
  21. Gl'kahesh - One of several Uplift failures, like the Bururalli, 40-50,000 Galactic years ago.
  22. Glavers (ab-Tunnuctyur) - Third of the exile races of Jijo where they devolved. Formerly acted as intermediaries between hydrogen breathing Zang and oxygen breathing society.
  23. Glououvis - Able to fly.
  24. Gooksyu (ul-Gubru)
  25. Gubru (ab-Gooksyu-ul-Kwackoo) - A biped pseudo-avian species hostile to Earth. Fanatically prim about those aspects of Galactic tradition that interested them, yet they hardly seem to care at all about preserving planets and nursery worlds, only about the near-term status of their clans. They are also known as accountants, credit counters, humorless, selfish warriors. Uthacalthing described the Gubru as "silly things".
  26. Descendants of flightless birds which are as tall as chimpanzees, gangling, stork-like, with spindly legs, bright yellow beaks, hollow thin bones, and sharp-taloned feathered arms (wing remnants). A comb-like head-crest serves as a hearing organ. The majority of adults are neuter and have white feathers. Other adults have the colored plummage of royalty and have aquired full sexuality. Three candidates for royalty (Suzerains) compete with each other to prove their worth through leadership. The one with the best policies will molt red and become a Queen (female) while the other two will become consorts/princes (males) and molt blue. The three Suzerain represent the three major areas of Gubru government - Religion (Propriety), Bureaucracy (Cost & Caution), and Military (Beam and Talon).

    The seat of Gubru government and home of the Royal Roost Masters is the called the "The Conclave Arena". Gubru viewed there system of government as a beautiful combination of politics, philosophy and reproduction. It is an ancient system present before uplift and modified by their Gooksyu Patrons. The military branch is run by Talon soldiers. Their crests are dyed to note rank and unit. The military's symbols is an outstretched claw with three sharp talons glistening in holographic threat. The priestly caste wear black torcs. In religious ceremonies Gubru don ribbons of mourning for the lost Progenitors.

  27. Guldingar - Slight spiderlike beings which speak through mechanical devices strapped to one leg. Members of the Awaiters Alliance.
  28. Guthatsa (ul-Hoon)
  29. Hoon (ab-Guthatsa-ul-Rousit)- Fifth of the exile races of Jijo. Described as horse-like, very patient seafarers and as musicians who are able to make musical tones (umbling) with their throat sacs. They have scaly chests, second bowels, generate adult spine on maturity, and possess a sacred heart bone. They came to Jijo because an Oracle told them they would find their lost birthright on a forbidden world. Those Hoon still in Galactic culture were prudish and inflexible bureaucrats in the service of many Institutions, and mortal enemies of the Urs. They do however dote on their children.
    See The Six of Jijo - by Kevin Lenagh.
  30. Hul (ab-Puber-ul-Soro) - Uplifted the Soro 2 million years ago and shortly thereafter retired to their homeworld to become philosophers.
    See Hul drawing by Kevin Lenagh
  31. Human (ul-Chimpanzee-ul-Dolphin-ul-Dog) [ul-Kiqui] - Humans are considered a wolfling race by Galactic Society, meaning that they claim to have evolved intelligence without the aid of a Patron. Galactic Society considers the Progenitors to have been the only ones able to accomplish self-Uplift, and for Humans to claim be like the Progenitors is blasphemous. This has earned Earthlings many powerful enemies. In the 22nd century, shortly after contact, two powerful allies, Kanten and Tymbrimi, pulled off a coup which gained humans Patron status in Galactic society and allowing them to keep their clients. This further angering fanatic enemies. Human also recieved an unlimited lease on Earth. (Other wolfling races have been found before but all had some vague ancestral recollection of their patrons.) One hundred years prior to contact, humans had finally matured and stopped all wars, poverty, and ecological damage.
  32. Because of Humans' low status they have been allowed only those worlds in need of salvage from other races damages. Though humans have turned this into a reputation for terraforming. Like the Kanten and Tymbrimi, Humans believe that dependancy on the Library leads to an uncreative culture. Humans are very liberal in their uplift policies by treating clients as equals, not demanding 100,000 years of servitude from Chims and Dolphins and allowing client representatives seats on the Terragen Council. Humans have also allowed Dolphins a starship of their own - see Streaker.

    A band of Humans illegally settled on the fallow planet Jijo, becoming that planets seventh exiled race 200 years before the events of Brightness Reef on the starship Tabernacle.
    See The Six of Jijo - by Kevin Lenagh.

  33. J'8lek - client race broke its indenture on the battlefield of Paklatuthl. Maybe the same race described by Helene DeSilva in Sundiver as talking riding steeds that look like camels, with long necks and four legs. They own two terraformed planets astride the route to Omnivarium and often demanded a toll of 40 whale songs from human ship passing through. Their Patrons are extinct.
  34. Jophur (ab-Poa) - Stack of sap-rings, with each ring performing a different function. Religious militants fanatics members of the Obeyor Alliance. Ships described as fighting planetoids. Possess a singular personality as opposed to they're offshot, Traeki.
  35. Jouourouou - Taking part in the siege of Earth.
  36. Kanten (ab-Linten-ab-Siqul-ul-Nish) - One of three species friendly to Earth and advisors to the Terragen Council since it's inception shortly after Contact. Look like a giant broccoli. Rounded blue and green shoots form symmetrical, spherical balls of growth around a gnarled, striated trunk. Tiny crystalline flakes tip a few of the branches, forming a cluster near the top around an invisible blowhole. These crystals tinkle with movement and breathing and possibly served as light receptors since Kanten don't have eyes. They stand seven-feet tall with the aid of root-pods. Claws can extend through these root-pods to grasp a surface. They have no modesty taboos. Agree with Earth & Tymbrimi that the Library is a potential trap leading to an uncreative culture.
  37. Karrank% (% pronounced as a double glottal stop) - Species driven insane by genetic manipulations beyond allowed codes. Before uplift they were mole type creatures living on a metal rich world. They possessed great ability in digging and has a carbon-oxygen metabolism. Their patrons changed there metabolism to extract energy from radioactive compounds. Such a severe alteration was very painful for the Karrank% and when this abuse was discovered by galactic institutions they were freed from indenture. They tried living as starfarers but eventually decided to retire to Kithrup, which was leased to them indefinitely 400 million years ago. Instead of dying out the Karrank% have adapted to unique lifecycle by living under the surface of Kithrup extracting nutrients from magma. Metal mounds with drill trees found along tectonic plates of Kithrup are the Karrank%'s larval stage, which eventually fall in the planets crust and mature into adults. They have lived in pain for eons and are powerful at psi communication.
  38. Kiqui [ab-Human?] - Amphibian pre-sentient natives of Kithrup. Named by Toshio, who first discovered them. Kiqui are nocturnal underwater hunters that used nets, spears, and traps. Underwater they looked like green puffer fish with, shining black eyes, splayed web-fingered claws, flipped legs, a pair of prehensile ventral fins, a thin crest of flagella which aides in oxygen extraction, and able to produce sonar and high chittering squeaks. By day they forage in the forests of the metal mounds for nuts and small animals. They are led by the eldest female, known as the Nest Mother, and male elders. Three Kiqui were voluntarily taken aboard the Skiff (and apparently Streaker?), and taken to Earth's Center of Uplift to be claimed by Humans as new clients.
  39. Kisa (ab-Soro-ab-Hul-ab-Puber-ul-Pila) - They were given legal residence of the planet Pila after 200,000 years of laying fallow and found the species Pila. Their Soro patrons intervened and ended the Pila's indenture to the Kisa.
  40. Klennath - Taking part in the siege of Earth.
  41. Klesh - Described as a great power.
  42. Komahd - Freethinking species with a tripod lower torso, humanoid trunk & arms, and lizardlike heads.
  43. Kosh (ab-Rosh-ab-Tothtoon-ul-Wortl)
  44. Krallnith (ul-Brma) - Currently a lethargic species, dedicated most their energies to meditation. It was generally believed they wouldn't be around much longer.
  45. Kwackoo (ab-Gubru-ab-Gooksyu) - Four-footed, three-toed, white feathered, rotund species. Less fastidious than their Gubru patrons. Highly specialized speech organ. Uplift nearly 60,000 Earth years ago. The Kwackoo had sold the human of Garth a optic fiber factory. All fibers made from this plant were coated to resonate back on a probability band used by the Gubru. This is how all humans wearing/using manufactured products could be found by the gasbots.
  46. Le'4-2vo
  47. Linten (ab-Siqul-ul-Kanten) - Gardeners. Remained neutral in the present crisis. A team was brought in to take over the ecological work of Garth during it's seige. Described as gangling.
  48. Luber (ul-Puber) - Also called Lethani and are the Pila's 5th high ancestral. Passed over to another plane of reality.
  49. Mellin - extinct. Former occupants of the planet Pila for 600 millennia.
  50. Mrgh'4luargi - One of the species observing the Uplift Ceremony for the Tytlal.
  51. Muhurn8 - One of several Uplift failures, like the Bururalli, 40-50,000 Galactic years ago.

Species N-Z

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