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Species of the Uplift Universe

The Species Glossary N-Z

  1. Nahalli (ul-Bururalli) - As punishment for their client's crimes, they were given to the Thennanin as clients. Kault described them as a mature and elegant people that did not understand the nuances of uplifting a purely carnivore species. They are further described as slender with multi-jointed arms. They speak Gal Six with a Nahalli accent.
  2. Nght6 (ul-Tandu)
  3. Nighthunter (ul-Brothers of the Night) - Extinct.
  4. Nish (ab-Kanten-ab-Linten-ab-Siqul)
  5. Noors - Species found on Jijo. Smaller version of Tytlal.
  6. Oailie - Hired by the Poa to gene enchance the Jophur. They were the creators of the "master ring".
  7. Olumimin (ab-Thennanin-ab-Wortl-ab-Kosh-ab-Rosh-ab-Tothtoon)
  8. Oulomin - Describes as having tentacles, fringed with pollen emitters (capped in polite company), and produce an orange saliva.
  9. P'ort'l - Have eyes on chest.
  10. P'un m'ang - Described as birdlike with bristles instead of wings, and no manipulative organs except for beaks.
  11. Paha (ab-Soro-ab-Hul-ab-Puber) - Ciliated, ritual fighters allowed more racial diversity than the Froski.
  12. Paimin (ab-Thennanin-ab-Wortl-ab-Kosh-ab-Rosh-ab-Tothtoon)
  13. Pargi - A well respected species, rumored to be retiring soon.. Leaders of the League of Prudent Neutral Clans.
  14. Pee'oot - Described as having spiral necks and goggle eyes.
  15. Pila (ab-Kisa-ab-Soro-ab-Hul-ab-Puber-ul-Pring) - Hostile to Earth since their embarrassment during the Sundiver incident. Four foot, gray biped "teddy bears", with large snouts and a ciliated fringe around small black eyes. Come from a high gravity world. Do not wear clothes. They produce eggs that hatch outside the body and have a median row of teats - though they do not suckle their young. Require artificial assistance to speak English since frequency range is beyond human hearing. When actually heard they have a high-pitched squeak, and are deaf to whispered speech. Extremely conservative in Galactic politics and very influential in many Galactic Institutes including the Library. Broke their indenture to the Kisa by appealing to the Soro for a Jihad. The Pila continue genetic research and indenture of the Pring in hopes of perfecting their binocular vision, long after their Uplift license should have expired and have allowed the Pring to colonize only "A" worlds devoid of life. Are ruled by the Pilan High Council.
  16. Poa (ul-Jophur) [ul-Traeki] - Sluglike.
  17. Por'n'aths
  18. Pring (ab-Pila-ab-Kisa-ab-Soro-ab-Hul-ab-Puber) - Originally a brachiating arboreal species, but are now humanoid, standing two meters tall. Described as having a slender body and boneless limbs, large round heads, slender necks, lidless red columnar eyes, huge lips, other small facial organs, and very large grinding teeth originally used for scraping nutrient bark off trees. Their hands are white and glossy with six quadrilaterally symmetric tentacular fingers. Genetic manipulations made them a binocular species even though all other life forms on their world remain cyclops. The Pila continue genetic research and indenture of the Pring in hopes of perfecting their binocular vision, long after their Uplift license should have expired. The Pring are only allowed to colonize "A" worlds devoid of life. They are able to project lasers and holograms from their eyes, but have kept their holographic capabilities secret from their Patrons in hopes of using it to break their 100 millennia indenture.
  19. Progenitors - Mythical beginners of the Uplift cycle, established Galactic culture and the Great Library one billion years ago. It is said that they accomplished all things before departing to a different reality and that they will return some day.
  20. Pthaca - Described as lumbering.
  21. Puber (ul-Hul) - Said to be degenerate and decadent by the Soro Krat.
  22. Puntictin - Vessel dealers that sold Streaker to Earth.
  23. Qheuens (ab-Zhosh) - Fourth of the exile races of Jijo. Their round squat bodies have five-legs, with a mouth vent in each leg, and a central cupola with a circular eye strip. Kind-of like a starfish crossed with crab. They are amphibious and adhere to a hive structure society. Within the Qheuens species there are three races with the Greys having been historic rulers over subservient Blues & Reds. On Jijo Reds tend to stay in areas of salt and sand, Blues in fresh water and mud, and Greys in caverns. They came to Jijo because a Grey Queen wanted to establish her own empire. See The Six of Jijo - by Kevin Lenagh.
  24. Rammin (ab-Thennanin-ab-Wortl-ab-Kosh-ab-Rosh-ab-Tothtoon)
  25. Rosh (ab-Tothtoon-ul-Kosh)
  26. Rothen - Humanoid. The criminal humans that landed on Jijo believe the Rothen to be Humans long lost Patrons.
  27. Rousit (ab-Hoon-ab-Guthatsa) - Describe as small & furry, not unlike the Noor.
  28. Ruguggi
  29. Serentin - Arachnoid all-female species. They have two fore-legs, many-faceted eyes, a carapace and two feeler arms.
  30. Siqul (ul-Linten)
  31. Skiano - A tall biped species weighing half a metric ton. They have large bony hands, slim white fingers tipped with suckers, two pairs of eyes one atop the other, flat jaws, and heads like a ship's prow. They communicate by flashing light patterns produced in the lower eyes.
  32. Solarians - Species living in the Earth's sun. Large donut shaped colorful beings. Used by the Soro clan in Sundiver to try and discredit Earthclan. Jacob Demwa helped defeat this plan by exposing the Pring's special abilities.
  33. Soro (ab-Hul-ab-Puber-ul-Gello-ul-Froski-ul-Paha-ul-Kisa) - Senior Patron species extremely hostile to Earth. Described as large plump reptiloids with leathery, brown scaled bellies, multiple abdomens, whiskers, a mating claw and multiple tongues. They lay leathery eggs. Battle hormones accelerate the birthing process, a reason why ancestral females did not participate in war. Stronger, younger females are expected to take down the older and weaker leaders in ritual combat. The Soro intervened to end the Pila's indenture to the Kisa. See Soro drawing by Kevin Lenagh
  34. Sstienn - One of several Uplift failures, like the Bururalli, 40-50,000 Galactic years ago.
  35. Synthian (ul-Wazoon) - One of three species openly friendly to Earth. Fanatically self-centered and famous cowards. Also described as enthusiasts and pragmatists. They are racoon-like because of dark facial streaks of fur. They are bipeds, shorter & rounder than human with whiskered cheeks, pelts of bristly brown fur, mammalian sharp teeth, and retractile claws.
  36. Talpu'ur - Describe as having vestigial wing cases that ratchet and rub for speech production. Members of the Inheritor Alliance
  37. Tandu (ab-Nght6-ul-Acceptor-ul-Episiarch) - Militant anthropod race, hostile to Earth. Humans have never been able to negotiate with the Tandu and standing order are to avoid them at all costs, until the Tymbrimi could teach humans how to beat them. Ancestral Tandu were a wholly carnivorous species that had already domesticated many animals for hunting. They have little empathy of all other lifeforms and adhere to the Inheritors Alliance beliefs that unworthy species will one day be exterminated. They participate in all wars of enforcement declared by the Institutes and have been attributed with three "accidental extinctions". They are under investigation for excessive genetic manipulation of their two client races. They are an insect-like species of spindly stature with six detachable legs, detachable heads that can grow back from headbuds, and a seven chambered heart. The Admiral of the Tandu fleet is referred to as "Leading Stalker". They are the fastest moving alien forces because they are willing to take the risk of using the Episiarch's reality warping. Their ships are spindly, grapnel-shaped, or grotesque dragonfly-like in design, forsaking armor for speed and power.
  38. Tarseuh - species that ended the 20 million year tyranny of the Lions, 600 million years ago (otherwise known as the fifteenth eon). They did so by enlisting the aid of six ancient races thought to have been extinct, but most likely were unfinished 'Stepping Off'. They disappeared after their victory and re-establishment of Galactic culture, along with the other six races. This legend gave rise to the Abdicator belief in Great Ghosts.
  39. Thennanin (ab-Wortl-ab-Kosh-ab-Rosh-ab-Tothtoon-ul-Paimin-ul-Rammin-ul- Ynnin-ul-Olumimin-ul-Garthling) - Fanatic Galactic species. Official enemies to Earth and Tymbrim. Known as tough honorable courageous fighters and doughty starfarers with a superstitious dread of reality warping technology. Therefore they build arrow-head ships to resemble worlds - comfortable, solid and durable, but can only truely relax on a planet surface. Physically they are a hulking, leathery species with big hands and arm, breathing slits, big-jaws around a beak-like mouth. Atop a bullet shape head is a ridge crest, a rooster's comb with spiky gray fans, that releases excess heat. Other organs include - a tail, an organ-of-prayer, sheathable finger-claws, a reptilian face and elbow spikes. A mannerism of extreme incredulity equals a sneeze-like expectoration.
  40. By adopting the Nahalli the Thennanin also take on some of the responsibility for restoring Garth. After being chosen by Gorillas as Patrons (and by Kault's promise to Uthacalthing) the Thennanin officially stopped hostilities with Earth and Tymbrim and withdrew all forces in conflict. They also agreed to expel the Gubru from Garth.

  41. Tothtoon (ul-Rosh)
  42. Tourmaj - Described as lanky, swallow-skinned, all elbows & knees, with knobly heads. Members of the Awaiters Alliance.
  43. Touvint
  44. Traeki [ab-Poa or Jophur] - Second of the exile races of Jijo. Evolutionary offshoots of the Jophur species. They forsook their ancestors violent and controlling "master rings" and the name Jophur when arriving on Jijo. Like the Jophur they are conical stacks of rings, with each ring possessing a different ability. Employed as chemical synthesizers. They function as multiple personalities unlike their Jophur ancestors. See The Six of Jijo - by Kevin Lenagh.
  45. Tunictguppit
  46. Tunnuctyur (ab-Buyur-ul-Glaver)
  47. Tuvallians - some thought they were candidates for Earth's Patron.
  48. Tymbrimi (ab-Caltmour-ab-Brma-ab-Krallnith-ul-Tytlal) - One of three species friendly to Earth. Known for adaptability, wisdom, and a mischevious biting sense of humor. Renowned psychic sense for detecting strong emotions and a talent for crafting art out of empathy itself. Enjoy human fantasy novels with dragons, ogres, and magic. The Tymbrimi have a consulate on Luna and the Ambassador is the most important galactic on Earth.
  49. Humaniod, foxlike. A ruff of soft brown fur begins as a narrow stroke on the spine and rises up the back of the neck to end, caplike, in a widow's peak above the bridge of the nose. Tybrimi smile by widening the gap between their eyes.They are long-limbed with long delicate hands, long calves and short thighs.A corona of silvery waving tendrils above their small ears allows for the sensing and crafting of empathy glyphs. The corona also served to cool of the body by venting excess heat. A quick enzyme flux, known a gheer transformation, allow Tymbrimi to subtlely morph their bodies to any situation. Many other species on Tymbrim also have this ability. They also possess - an articulated pelvis, small waist, high and low kidneys, thumbs, a triple-beat pulse, 3 pairs of longitudinal lactating mammaries (implies that only one pair is apparent), and a marsupial-like pouch. Tymbrimi give birth early and transfer their young to the pouch.

    Like humans, they don't flaunt their dominance over clients and believe that the convenience of the Library is a potential trap leading to an uncreative culture. Furthermore, Tybrimi possess a subconcious, considered Love to be the greatest power, and many believe that the universe is more than just luck and clockwork, but that god is still in charge.

  50. Tytlal (ab-Tymbrimi-ab-Caltmour-ab-Brma-ab-Krallnith) - Looked like otters from Earth's; furry and short legged. They were declared to have achieved the Fourth Stage of Sentience during their Uplift Ceremony and chose Dolphins to be their Fourth Stage Consorts. They were very proud to be part of the Krallnith Clan. Mass as much as chimps.(See Noors)
  51. Urs - Sixth of the exile races of Jijo. A short-lived centaur like species with four legs and two small armlike appendages, two pouches on each side of the forebody contain a brood of offspring or a minature husband, three eyes shaped into a triangular structure. Urs males are tiny and female are leaders, warriors, etc. They are hydrophobic and live in the hot plains. They came to Jijo to escape breeding restrictions. Urs are mortal enemies of the Hoon in Galactic Society. See The Six of Jijo - by Kevin Lenagh.
  52. Varhisties - Thick horns. Member of the Awaiters Alliance.
  53. Vriiilh - Behemouth with a 2 meter stride.
  54. Wazoon (ab-Synthian) - Small and furry.
  55. Wortl (ab-Kosh-ab-Rosh-ab-Tothtoon-ul-Thennanin)
  56. Xappish (ab-Xatinni) - Claim three worlds.
  57. Xatinni (ul-Xappish) - Sent their clients to do the fighting over Kithrup instead of engaging their own forces. Some Xatinni scrap dealers sold ancient war machines to the Humans of Garth. Ocelot faced.
  58. Ynnin (ab-Thennanin-ab-Wortl-ab-Kosh-ab-Rosh-ab-Tothtoon) - Stoic, stilt-like, disciplined, armored kangaroos.
  59. Z'Tang - Last species to survey Garth before humans took lease. Described as an elder careful and intellectual species by Athaclena. Some were present as Uplift Institute Officials during the Uplift Ceremony for Chimpanzee. Tall and gangling.
  60. Zhosh (ul-Qheuens) - members of the Awaiters Alliance
  61. Zitlths - Described as willowy and stalklike.
  62. Zugh - Sent ships to protect Earth once it became more politically acceptable to do so.
  63. Zyu8 - Claw footed.
Species A-M

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